Searching for Ways to Add Volume to Your Lips?

Visit a permanent makeup clinic in Coralville, IA

Give your lips a hint of color with Permanent Lip Blush. b. beautiful offers three-hour sessions at $350.00 per session. During your consultation, your technician will suggest the number of sessions needed to reach your beauty goals.

We require an initial deposit before your first Permanent Lip Color appointment. To schedule your consultation at our beauty clinic in Coralville, IA, call 319-654-2117.

How does permanent lip color work?

The process of applying Permanent Lip Color is similar to tattooing. Your technician will use a specialized needle that places Permanent Pigment into your lips. Once finished and completely healed, you'll have the look of fuller, more symmetrical lips. Several individuals choose this procedure over Filler because the results are long-lasting and more natural.

If you're interested in learning more about Permanent Lip Blush, book your consultation in Coralville, IA today.